After years of hard work, dedication, and lots of prayer, Krystal Jack is making final preparations to move her family into their new home by the end of March 2018. Krystal applied to Lafayette Habitat for Humanity’s Home Ownership Program in 2013. She and her family previously lived in a home that lacked proper heating and insulation, had multiple plumbing issues, and had a terrible termite problem that caused them to lose all their furniture. With two children and a baby on the way, Krystal was also worried about violence in the neighborhood. For Krystal and her family, owning a home means a fresh start, “The most exciting part of the process is the thought of home ownership and how that means a new sense of security for my children. I want them to be able to just enjoy being children.”

Since starting the program, Krystal has completed 355 hours of sweat equity at the construction site and the Restore. She worked alongside her future neighbors and volunteers to help build her house and others in the neighborhood. She has also completed 70 hours of financial education training, including one-on-one sessions that are personalized to her finances. Krystal says she is most grateful for all the support that has surrounded her throughout this journey, “When I think of Habitat, I think of extended family. Everyone has been so kind throughout the whole process. I never thought that people would be so willing to take time out of their day to bless me.”

Though Krystal was hesitant to apply to the program at first, today she is encouraging anyone in need of a decent, stable home to submit an application or at least attend an information session. “If someone is thinking about applying to the Habitat Home Ownership Program, I would tell them to step out on faith. I didn’t even apply the first time I went to the application session, because I thought I wouldn’t get selected. But when I turned in my application in 2013, I said a prayer that God would make it happen if it was right for me. I would tell anyone to at least try and trust in God.”

The dedication of Krystal’s home will be Thursday, March 22, 2018. Congratulations to Krystal and her family!